In 1885 Canada was exporting organs and pianos around the world. By 1985 the industry was closing.
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May 2008 A special report on the pianos of Dundurn Castle in Hamilton Ontario
April 2007 Piano cleaning, do's and don'ts of piano care, piano tuning and repair.
February 2007 Book review of Downright Upright by Wayne Kelly and Beethoven's piano in Canada.
Septemer 2006 The Canada Piano Company and the Heintzman Piano Company.
September 2006 Where is the organ serial number located and the Thomas Organ Company.
April 2007 Organ reeds, Bell's patented "mouse proof pedal' and a brief history of the organ.
Dundurn Castle in Hamilton Ontario was built in 1835 and was restored as a historical site in the 1960s. More recently it has been used in the X-men movies as the Xavier school.
Historical Note:
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